Bonnie Blue (#202) and Ridgeway Bear (#203)

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The two little cubs are growing and getting stronger. As you can see in this photo, they are both sitting up rather than lying down.  Ridgeway (on the left in the photo) has a bit of a frown and “grumpy” look.  This look is rather typical of very young cubs.  Bonnie Blue seems to be the dominant cub in the duo.  Perhaps her brother gets tired of her domination.  However, both cubs crave the company of their sibling.  The pen in the Cub Nursery has a divider that is closed briefly during feedings, to make sure that each little bear gets a proper share of the food.  As soon as feeding time is over and the divider is opened again, they rush to join each other again.

Ridgeway and Bonnie Blue

Ridgeway and Bonnie Blue Bear are growing.

If you compare this photo to one in a previous post you can see that just a couple of days has made a big difference in their alertness.  They look as though they are ready to go!