It seemed like we were through accepting rescued cubs for the year, but on November 14, a little cub in Great Smoky Mountains National Park was hit by a car. Although onlookers thought the cub was injured, she climbed a short distance up a tree (typical escape route for a bear cub) and then fell off the tree into a stream! We can imagine how frightened the little bear was as she swam to a rocky outcrop near the base of the tree.

Ranger Ryan Williamson got in under the rocks to rescue the cub, and rushed the cub to UTCVM to meet Curator Bailey. Dr. Sheldon and her team examined the tiny (13 pound) cub thoroughly, including taking multiple X-rays. The good news is that there are no broken bones! Just in case, the vets gave her anti-inflammatories and sent her back to ABR with the usual deworming meds. Obviously, the cub is emaciated at only 13 pounds, and it is suspected that she had been orphaned earlier in the year. She will get plenty of nutrition at ABR!

ABR Bear #388 is nicknamed Twinkle. She is resting in Hartley House, and the curators will watch her carefully. (The picture on the left is Twinkle on the tree, before she tumbled into the water.)

ABR is always ready to welcome a bear cub in need – even when the cub is the weight of a 4-month-old at the age of 9 months! Please keep Twinkle Bear in your thoughts, and stay tuned to see how her story continues.