ABR Cubs

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The ABR cubs, like their counterparts in the wild, can be active at any time, night or day. Today we see Beignet and one of the Beary Triplets being active late at night, and continuing in the daytime.

It’s late at night, but Beignet grabs a snack for herself anyway.
One of the Triplets crosses the tire bridge to see what Beignet has found.
Beignet shows that she is ready to climb, if necessary.

Morning comes…….

A Triplet eats an apple atop one of the dens in the enclosure. Note that the cubs have pulled most of the camouflaging wood slats off of the large culvert that forms the den.
A Triplet pauses long enough to show his/her healthy self.

Beignet seems to contemplate the pool. Maybe she will take a drink, maybe go for a swim, or maybe get the leaf out of the pool.

Next door in Wild Enclosure #2, we have a rare shot of the sisters, Bluebelle and Marigold, together.

The sisters forage together for tasty treats.
The big boy hangs out in the shade. It looks like he’s “It” in a game of Hide and Seek.

The cubs stay busy at all hours. Our yearlings are much more sedate. Guess they got all the hyperactivity out of their system during their own cub year.