We have posted about Doodlebug Bear and her return to UTCVM for testing. We knew that we would get the results of her tests this week, and we did receive the news from Dr. Cushing at UT – and it was good news!

The concern had been that she might have Addison’s Disease, a deficiency of hormones made by the adrenal glands. The vets had used a test called ACTH Stimulation, that measured cortisol levels before and after the stimulation. Back at ABR over the weekend, she received fluids and an injection of thiamine each day (she didn’t like these treatments) and gradually, the neurological symptoms subsided and Doodlebug was eating formula, Pedialyte, honey, pear sauce, and chopped apples and grapes.

Dr. Cushing called to let the curators know the great news, that she is producing cortisol as she should! The cause of her setback is not known, but could be due to the recent traumas she has experienced: the loss of her family, hernia surgery, the strange, alien beings (humans) and strange place, etc. We are overjoyed at this news; even though she is not completely out of the woods as yet, her situation is much less worrisome!

Hopefully, this little bear cub will continue to gain weight and heal, to the point that she can get her second chance at a wild life!