Bears by Night and Day

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The Six-pack cubs usually sleep in a tangle of feet, legs and other body parts on the platform, also known as the “Cubby Dorm.”  It has been interesting and surprising to see how they are able to continue to share the platform, even as they have grown so much larger.


How do they figure out who is who in this pile-up?  Looks pretty crowded!

Amazingly enough, the next morning they emerge as chubby little individuals.


Three of the Six-pack starting to forage.

All the eating during hyperphagia makes them lethargic, and they may take a rest on the platform anytime during the day.


It is a fine place to chill out and rest between foraging sessions.

Magnolia Bear, our yearling from Louisiana, is about ready for her trip back to her home state.  It won’t be long now.


Magnolia Bear is a beautiful, healthy yearling.

Over in Wild Enclosure #3, the other two cubs, Piccola and Dash, are doing their own thing.  We’ll have a post about them next time.