KNOXVILLE, Tenn. November 20, 2013 – We have officially kicked off the WILD ENCLOSURE CAMPAIGN. ABR wants to double the wild enclosure space over the coming winter. We must prepare the land, install proper fencing, establish additional water sources, create dens, and provide proper access for our curators to care for the bear cubs.

WINTER IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO DO THIS IN ORDER TO MINIMIZE DISTURBANCES TO OUR BEARS. A local business has offered a generous discount if we can start the work in January 2014.

With your support, we can embark on this important project that will cost approximately $120,000.

Your generous donation to our Wild Enclosure Campaign will ensure that we can say “YES, WE ARE HERE!” to all the cubs that need our care.

Thank you for whatever you can do to help make this project a success.




See this GRAPHIC of where the new WILD ENCLOSURES will be located at the ABR facility.

Dana Dodd
ABR Media Contact Person
Telephone: (865) 630-8428