A Thieving Cub

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Today we have an amusing story about the cubs and a pear.  When the curators throw food into the enclosure, there are many pears, apples, grapes and whatever else is on their menu for the day.  However, at this particular time, Otto Bear found a pear and Rollo Bear stole it from him.  Otto was not happy about the thievery, and a brief argument, punctuated by cubby noises and a wrestling match ensued.  Within a few minutes, it was all over (cubs do not hold grudges) and the two cubs went back to their foraging.  Here are the photos that the curator took.  We have to imagine some of the story.


Rollo Bear on the hunt for food.


Rollo spies Otto with a pear. He steals it from Otto.


Otto, annoyed, climbs a tree. We can see that he is vocalizing his displeasure.

Unfortunately, the curator did not capture the very short wrestling match.


Rollo ate the pear and survived the wrestling match.

Peace descended on the Wild Enclosure as the two cubs went back to foraging.