Bear #262 Arrives!

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On June 1st, 2017 ABR admitted a female yearling, #262.  She is nicknamed Dani Bear and is the same age as Summitt Bear – about sixteen months old.  Dani Bear was rescued in a campground where she had been observed as a very lethargic bear.She was anything but lethargic, however, when the TWRA officer attempted to capture her.  She put up quite a fight.

Curator Janet accepted the bear and met Curator Coy at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, where she had her intake exam.


Dani Bear on her way to the UTCVM.


Arrival at UT. Curator Janet and UT vet unload the carrier.


Dani is weighed. She weighed only 24.5 pounds.

Her weight is low.  A normal weight for a yearling would be 35 to 50 pounds.

Ear tags

Curators Janet and Coy ear tag Dani Bear.


Bear #262 is checked from head to toe.

It was found that the little bear was covered in ticks that must be removed.

Dr. Sherldon

Dr. Sheldon removes one tick at a time.

Removing ticks

Others were enlisted to help with tick removal.


A few of the ticks removed from Dani Bear.

Going to ABR

Ticks removed and exam complete. Dani is ready to go to ABR.

Dani Bear is now in an Acclimation Pen at ABR.  She will be on worm medicine for a few days, and will probably be released into a Wild Enclosure very soon.  As a wild yearling, she should not be kept in a pen too long.