It has been predicted that we will experience very high winds. In fact, the national park has closed several roads because of that forecast. At ABR, plans have been formulated in the worst case scenario, for what to do about the cubs in the Wild Enclosures. Luckily, they have decided to sleep on the platforms, rather than high in the trees, their usual choice in inclement weather.

These two photos point to the sleeping cubs in all enclosures.

If it comes to a worst case choice, the curators will open the gates, disconnect the electric fences, and release the cubs without the usual protocols. They certainly don’t want to do that, but all of the outside cubs are healthy and chubby enough to survive on their own, so it would be the best choice.

This photo shows that ABR is located in Bear Country – the cubs would have a good chance at surviving on their own.

We are hoping it won’t come to that! Stay tuned.