The cubs in Enclosure #1 seem to be tolerant of Turnip and his need to be careful of his paw. At least that’s the impression we get when we see that all four of the boys are sleeping on the ground, where Turnip seems to be most comfortable.

It might not be altruistic of them, but is certainly seems that way! Of course it’s no surprise that Caramel is elsewhere. She usually is.

Not sure that we would call them “louts,” but that is how they were labeled.

Caramel came down a bit later, to forage with the boys, who were still sleeping.

Isn’t he peaceful? And look at the shiny fur! Cricket is a healthy bear.

Turnip is sleeping soundly, too, but he looks a bit disheveled and very dusty. We wonder if he is dreaming about slurping insects on a log.

You’ll note that the enclosure is very dry and dusty. That’s because we are in a major drought and need rain very badly. Hopefully the forecast for showers on Tuesday will be correct!

If she had stayed on the platform, she might be more comfortable.

Turnip and Cricket look like they have been placed that way. A matched set!

All five cubs on the dry ground.

Suddenly, a strange noise sent all five of them up trees to the platform!

We don’t know how it happened, but the Springy Tree is no more. Some cub or cubs have murdalized it! We really thought it was safe from cubby shenanigans. We should have known better!

Twinkle is eating a lot. Oddly enough, she seems to prefer the Mazouri Bear Diet Pellets over peanuts! Perhaps her body recognizes the good nutrients in the pellets that will help her grow and gain weight.

She is also climbing well, but the curators want to see this continue for several days in a row.

To challenge Twinkle,they hide treats in her two rooms. She has to forage for them.

In our next post we will try to include photos of the other cubs. Watch this space!