All of the cubs are ten months old now, having passed their Cubby Birthday two days ago. As you know, we feel that each month of life for a bear cub is an occasion worth celebrating. Many cubs don’t live for ten months, and so we celebrate those who do (as well as express our sadness for those like Burrito, Flapjack, and Thumper, who didn’t make it). The cubs are doing just what they should – eating a lot and sleeping a lot, as they prepare for the upcoming winter and their long sleep.

In Enclosure 1 all five cubs, Turnip, Puddin’, Caramel, Cricket, and Sprout rest together on the platform.

Cricket, Turnip, and the rest of the group were snacking before the rain that finally came to dampen the ground.

Turnip has been feasting on acorns and peanuts. It shows!

Sprout is enjoying the rain and getting wet at last.

Caramel took a nap in the rain.

Puddin’ enjoyed a rainy day snooze.

Juggles looks up as if the rain surprised him. Maybe it did!

There are three of the four cubs in Enclosure 2 – Juggles, Doodlebug, and Tater. Where is Nugget?

There she is! She’s keeping an eye on her friends.

Tamale and Martha Washington catching a few zzzs.

Betsy Ross sleeps nearby.

So you see, sleeping is taking up a big part of the cubs’ days. It won’t be long until they are released back into the wild! Watch for it!