Thirteen is a lucky number for ABR! All 13 of the cubs (12 large and 1 small) are doing well. So today we thought we would post photos of all of them. We start in Wild Enclosure # 1.

Sprout looks chonky and healthy!

Turnip joins him. Turnip it putting more weight on his injured paw, so it is apparently not bothering him as much. Good news!

Sprout’s brother, Cricket comes to the meeting.

And here is Puddin’ too! All here except Puddin’s sister, Caramel. Where can she be?

Of course, Caramel is up in a tree. She is the only female, and doesn’t always join the others.

Moving on to Enclosure #2 –

Juggles is trying to wake the others (especially Doodlebug). She doesn’t look too eager to arise.

As in Enclosure 1, a female, Nugget, is up in a tree.

Juggles doesn’t want to take “no” for an answer. He climbs up to see Nugget.

Tater and Doodlebug seemed happy that Juggles had left them alone, and they went back to sleep, with Tater as a pillow.

In Enclosure #4 it is Martha who is sounding the “time to get up” alarm.

She thinks that if she is up then everyone should be up.

Finally, we have pictures of our newest resident, Twinkle.

It’s hard to believe that she is the same age as those chonky cubs outside!

The curators are watching her carefully. Sometimes long-term malnutrition  can cause brain damage, but she seems to be doing well.

She can climb!

She can keep her balance!

Curators placed apple slices and honey along the climbing structure.

She showed great balance, coordination, and especially great appetite!

Twinkle turns around without falling!

And accomplishes her descent with ease!

She is also sleeping a lot. Good bear! She needs rest as well as the food.

The curators are pleased with her abilities and will continue to monitor her progress. Stay tuned to watch her as she grows.