The three outdoor yearlings – Mistletoe, Peppermint, and Nettles are coming along very well. They are ready for release, as soon as the food supply in the wild is ready for them. It will probably be another few weeks, possibly a month, and then they will be on their way home in the wild.

The three indoor yearlings, who arrived more recently and are quite a lot smaller, are recovering from their injuries. They are spending their time eating, resting, and sleeping, which are the things they need to do to heal and grow. Their next stop will be in a Wild Enclosure until such time as they, too, will be ready for release back into the wild.

In this video you will see all of the yearlings, with narration by Curator Tori explaining some of the interesting facts about them.


It is good to see the yearlings in action, and it was especially nice to see the footage of “Bird bear” Nettles. Oftentimes we have only seen her very high in her tree – a little black blob on a tree branch, so it’s good to see her up close and to see how much she has chubbified!