Townsend Bear Moves

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On Friday Townsend moved out of the Cub House. The plan is for him and HRH Rover to go into Wild Enclosures #1 and 2 in the near future. Because they are yearlings, it is better for them to be in separate enclosures in case they might not get along. Townsend was moved to another room in the Hartley House.

Townsend, or “Townie” for short,has done well in the Cub House, but it’s time for a change.

Curators Bailey and Reagan placed the carrier at the doorway, and Townie went inside.

The curators carried him out of the Cub House.

They stopped by the Release Staging Area to weigh the little bear.

The scale is a flat surface, where the carrier is placed. Townie has gained about 4 pounds since his arrival on March 8. Remember, the vets said he should gain gradually, and he is.

Sniff, sniff! So many new smells!

It didn’t take long for him to settle in.

Soon he was taking a nap.

He stretched out to make contact with both of his Not A Polar Bears!

It’s a good thing that bears are such adaptable critters! He seemed right at home. Good bear!

In the room next door. HRH Rover played with his Kong toy. Since the new guy wasn’t in his room, Rover was not concerned. Good bear!