Yearlings in Hartley House

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Yesterday we saw little Townsend Bear moving into a room in the Hartley House. He is next door to HRH Rover Bear. Today we visit them in their rooms and see how they are doing (spoiler alert: they’re fine!)

Townsend sleeps on his bed in Hartley House.

Shifting position, he plays footsie (or pawsie) with NAPB.

When it’s time for the room to be cleaned, he is prompted to go into the waiting room

Here he is, waiting for his room to be cleaned.

Meanwhile, in the next room, Rover is sleeping.

Usually, Rover prefers his culvert den.

He comes out to eat, though!

We can see that the two little male yearlings are doing well. As long as they have their own rooms, the two boys will have no problems. That is why they will soon have their own Wild Enclosures – no arguments, no fights, no stresses!