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The camera caught Peppermint preparing the bed in the culvert den.

She raked sticks, leaves, and twigs into the den. This is the typical bed-making routine for a bear.

Bears are born knowing how to make a proper bed.

The beds that ABR provides don’t fit the mold of a bear bed,

This is the usual outcome for an ABR bed. They just don’t hold up to the sharp claws of a bear cub or yearling, and the beds explode!

in 2021, Bud Bear preferred to fold his bed in two.

Apollo Bear (2017) was in the recovery center, and this bed worked for him. But for the most part, bears don’t like the ABR beds.

Back to the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3 –

Peppermint got the bed ready, so here comes Mistletoe!

There is a lot of bedding in there! Is there still room for both yearlings?

Yes, there is. Good night everyone!

Nettles appeared on the platform again, and in daylight! Good bear!