Today’s post features the chonky cubs of Wild Enclosure #2 – and a finer group of plump cubs could hardly be found.

Exhibit 1 – Tater Bear is as round as a cub might be.

Next we have Nugget, sleeping peacefully on the platform. She is pretty round, herself!

Something caused her to come to suddenly. Bears are very aware of their surroundings, even during sleep.

It was Tater, but Nugget is not sure about him.

She keeps a watchful eye on the other cub.

He is tempted to take a bite out of her.

And he does! Chomp!

It seems that Nugget is not happy – Tater better skedaddle – FAST!

Another member of the Enclosure #2 bunch is Doodlebug. She doesn’t mind the cold weather and chilly water.

Doodlebug does her part to destroy ABR property.

She stretches up as she stands, and then –

She climbs up high in the tree. It’s hard to believe that a few months ago we were worried about whether she would ever be able to climb!

Bears have no sense of (or reason for) modesty. Juggles was decorated with some modesty leaves.

He bends a sapling into submission, needing more leaf coverage.

Doodlebug climbs aboard, as Juggles bends the sapling. Luckily, he didn’t let go and send her flying!

Juggles found some insects. He wanted to “get acquainted” (read: eat) them

Nugget bothers Doodlebug.

Then she rolls in the leaves, like a kid. Modesty leaves are thanks to Mother Nature.

These cubs are a source of entertainment for us, as we watch them interact and go through hyperphagia. Stay tuned!