Yesterday we focused on Wild Enclosure #2, so today we will see what’s going on with the other cubs,

Do you remember the “Floating Pear?” who shows up to test the chubbiness of cubs shortly before their release. The idea is to compare the cubby shape with that of the pear, because bears are actually rather pear-shaped, carrying most of their weight in their caboose. The pear is back, though disguised to be less recognizable to the bears. He appeared in Wild Enclosure #1, where the five cubs were snoozing on the platform,

From here, it looks as though Sprout will pass with flying colors!

As Puddin’ eats, he shows off a good pear-like shape.

Look how chubbified is Turnip Bear! His caboose is nice and round.

Both Sprout and Turnip are diligently foraging to prepare for winter.

Siblings Caramel and Puddin’ have put on a lot of weight.

Turnip relaxes, showing how long he is.

In Enclosure #4, Martha sniffs to discover what’s happening.

Oh no! Her sister Betsy is sleeping! Martha is awake, so her sis should be awake, too.

Their enclosure mate, Tamale appears to have acquired a good, round caboose.

Betsy found a branch to play with. In spite of the eating and sleeping to prepare for hibernation, the cubs do take time out to play.

She’s head over heels with playfulness.

The three cubs play until the wee hours. It’s good to see them enjoying themselves!

What fun!

Twinkle was photographed through the window in the Hartley House.

She needs to stay confined for a bit longer, to gain more weight. So far, she isn’t complaining. She was hungry for so long that the access to plenty of food is probably keeping her satisfied, for now. Let’s see how long she will tolerate being inside.