You may recall that our newest cub, #388 Twinkle Bear, was rescued in the national park after she had fallen into a river while climbing up a tree. She is the only cub still confined to indoors (Hartley House) while she gains weight and strength.

She is much smaller than the other cubs, but has been doing well and gaining weight.

The curators spread honey on her climbing branches and she loves to lick it off!

It’s not surprising that she has an excellent appetite, since she was hungry for a long time!

Twinkle eats grapes. NAPB is on top of the climbing structure thanks to Curator Bailey.

She licks apple-beary sauce off of the mat. The mat helps to slow her down, so she doesn’t eat too fast.

She notices NAPB and climbs up to investigate.

She only goes this far toward the strange bear (NAPB is almost the same size as Twinkle)!

She found an apple that was hidden in a treat ball.

The apple was yummy and crunchy!

Twinkle looks much better than she did when she arrived. The curators are pleased!

Watch this space to see her grow!