Tartan in the Wild Enclosure

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Typical of a young bear, our little yearling chose to sleep high (very high) in one of the tall trees on his first night in Wild Enclosure #2. We wonder if this is on purpose to give the curators more grey hairs or, more likely, just because that is where they feel most comfortable and secure. Anyway, here is Tartan in his chosen tree.

He is comfortable, but the curators are nervous.
Tartan decided to come down just before sunrise.
He took his time and was careful descending the tree.
A safe landing!
As soon as he was on the ground, he began foraging. He knows how to do that!
He set off to explore and to forage along the way.
The curators had scattered food in the enclosure before Tartan was released into it. He is finding lots of tasty foods.
The camera switched to daytime mode. Tartan keeps foraging.
Off he goes to do more exploring.
Rather than walk around the end of the barrier, Tartan decides to climb over it.
Bears have excellent balance!
What skill! Tartan walks along the narrow top of the barrier.
Here is a view from a different camera of Tartan balancing on the barrier.
Eventually he got down and went back to his former pastime – eating!

Tartan Bear is off to a good start at ABR. It won’t be long until he’s ready to go back to his home in the great Smoky Mountains National Park. Stay tuned to follow his adventures!