Tartan Bear is Comfortable

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Our little yearling seems very content and comfortable with his temporary home in Wild Enclosure #2 at ABR. He has only been in the enclosure for 2 days, but he is a savvy little bear, and knows just what to do. As he has done since his move outside, Tartan spent the night high in a tree, only choosing to come down when his tummy told him to.

He stopped briefly on the platform on his way down to breakfast.
Even though he was very thin, he now seems sturdy, like a strong little bear.
Bears are skittish when it’s windy, because the wind interferes with their vital senses of smell and hearing. It was wind that sent him up the tree in the first place.
The camera gave us a good view of our yearling.
Tartan has a handsome profile.
He hasn’t tried the Drinking Tub yet, but did take a sip of the ever-popular tire water.
We could almost hear him saying that this is what a real bed should be – at the base of a tree, with grass for the mattress. That strange, foam-filled contraption in the Hartley House definitely wasn’t a bed!
The grass looked so inviting that he stretched out to enjoy it. When a bear lies down on his back, exposing his tummy like this is is a sign that he feels comfortable and unafraid.
Tartan settled in a tree where he had a good view of a flowering dogwood. Nice view! He stayed there for several hours, through a rainy morning.

It is apparent that Tartan has settled into his new, temporary home very well. We’ll keep watching him and posting about what he is up to.