Taco Bear and the”Alien”

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This is an enjoyable story about Taco and a treat ball that the curators provided to challenge him. It is important to stimulate him mentally while he is developing physically.

Taco spent the night sleeping on Not a Polar Bear, as usual.

While he slept, the Alien Artifact (aka treat ball) appeared in the next room.

Taco is curious but also cautious when he discovered the Alien Artifact. He didn’t go too close before retreating to the other room.

He played with his rope, but seemed to think about the object in the next room.

Peeking through the door, he sees it is still there.

He got a bit closer before retreating.

Time for a snack, Alien Artifact or not!

He went a little closer, as if asking what or who it is.

Taco decided to get Not Taco to back him up.

Taco stood up to look bigger and get a better view of the “thing.”

He dragged Not Taco out on the floor near the Alien.

Not Taco can watch the Alien Artifact.

Taco retreated to Not a Polar Bear and fell asleep, exhausted.

Not Taco, still watching, gets the Alien message: “We Come in Peace.”

Many thanks to our Facebook Administrator, whose creativity wove this story from the series of photos of Taco in the Hartley House, confronting the unfamiliar object in his room.