Taco Bear on the Balance Beam

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As we know, the curators have to clean up after Taco Bear several times a day. Yesterday, after Curator Coy collected the remains of the culvert den cover (destroyed by Tartan Bear) he had to go into the Hartley House to check on little Taco.


Taco was on the balance beam, practicing for the next bear Olympics. To be clear, Coy didn’t actually enter the room with Taco, he saw him on the TV monitor that enables the curators to watch from afar. It was obvious that the room needed cleaning.

Cleaning is done daily – sometimes several times a day.


Before leaving the room, Coy moved Taco’s toys, to challenge the cub. Taco Bear is in the other room during this time.


Taco attends to the most important thing when he returns – he goes straight to his food bowls!


Then he turns his attention to the toys. “You moved!” he seems to say to his “mama bear.” Observant little cub that he is, he could tell that she was in a different spot.

We have observed before that a bear, even as young as Taco, is very smart and very observant. This is just another example.