Taco Bear and Alien – part 2

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We wondered if Taco Bear would make contact with the Alien Artifact, but circumstances intervened, so we didn’t get to find out if he would overcome his timidity after a day or so.


There seemed to be a standoff. Taco played with his swingy ball, Not Taco was a bystander, and the Alien stayed put.



Taco got a little bit closer, but was careful not to get too close.


Ignoring the Alien, Taco played with a branch while Not Taco and the Alien stood by.


Curator Tom cleaned the room and rearranged Not Taco and the Alien.


When he returned to his room, Taco retrieved Not Taco from the climbing structure.
There was a short wrestling match, which Taco won easily.


Taco stared at the Alien Artifact. Did he think he could defeat it by mind alone?
In the morning, Taco showed how well he can climb and what good balance he has by “climbing the wall.” He also left the curators a “tip” that was a bit loose, so fruit was cut back from his diet in favor of more yogurt and ground bear diet pellets.



(The safety cone is to cover the “tip”). He loves to play with the swingy ball.

We said that circumstances halted his further investigation of the Alien Artifact. When his poop became loose, the Alien was removed from his room until further notice. Perhaps it will return at a future time.