Revisiting Tartan Bear

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After the recent adventures of Taco Cub and the Alien Artifact, we thought it was time to check back in with Tartan Yearling. Tartan is enjoying his life in Wild Enclosure #2, and here are some updates on him.


Tartan inspects the protected sapling. We think he has figured out that the electric wires are “fake,” but he doesn’t feel brave enough to test them.



Tartan has a favorite spot to sleep on the resting platform.


He had fun playing on the pile of branches and twigs under the platform.


Then he stood to play with the Firehose Hammock from below.


He blends into the shadows, making him hard to see.


Sun and clouds revealed the yearling and then hid him.


He climbed a tree. Luckily we knew where to look, or we wouldn’t have found him!


Tartan spent the rest of the day on his favorite branch.


But then he sprawled on the resting platform for his nighttime sleep.
Tartan is finally beginning to shed the rest of his winter fur. In a few weeks he will be sleek and shiny.




He met some bugs on the tree. It was a very short-lived friendship.

Tartan is growing and filling out nicely. As soon as the berries and other soft mast in the park is ready, we expect that he will be released back to his natural home. Watch this space.