Sunflower Bear is Out

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Our little one-eared bear cub, Sunflower, was released into Wild Enclosure #2 a few days ago. She took a deliberate and cautious approach to her new freedom. We have photos of the big event.

From her place on the platform, Sunflower sees the open gate. She had been so anxious to get out of confinement, we expected her to dash out.
Instead, Sunflower walked slowly down the log toward the door.
She didn’t run, but walked toward the door very deliberately.
She reached the ground in Wild Enclosure #2. Now to explore.
The grass under her paws must feel familiar and reassuring.
Sunflower scans the area, with her foot on a nice, solid tree for comfort.
Oh yeah! A tree is a cub’s best friend!
Sunflower chose her tree and spent the night in it.

So now both Chicory and Sunflower Bear are in their respective enclosures. We anxiously await their contacts with the other cubs in residence. As we’ve said before, stay tuned for the next episode.