Chicory’s Big Day

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When Chicory Bear (#310) arrived from LA on June 12th, she weighed less than 10 pounds – a tiny little bear, without a doubt. She is one of those “small but mighty” cubs, and we’re sure she’ll have no trouble with her roommates. She went into Wild Enclosure #1 with Ferdinand, Dumplin’, and Tweetsie. We have a lot of photos to share.

When she saw the gate was open, Chicory poked her head out. The steps look rather tall for this tiny cub.
Nothing daunted, Chicory takes a big step into the enclosure.
Yay! She made it! Now to investigate her new surroundings.
Chicory meets her first forbidden tree and finds out that she can’t climb as high as she wants.
We can see how very small this little cub is when she “goes missing” in the tall grass.
It must seem like a jungle to Chicory!
Chicory set out to explore the enclosure, sniffing all the new smells.
From her perch on top of the culvert den, She looks back at the Acclimation Pen from which she just came.
Chicory is a beautiful little cub.
She makes herself look bigger by standing next to a tree.
Chicory sits by the tree and we can see her pretty white blaze.
She’s ready to climb the tree.
There she is (thanks to the arrow, we can find her). Chicory spent her first night in Wild Enclosure #1 up in this tree.

It was a big day for a tiny bear! She is bound to be much happier out in the enclosure than she was in confinement. It will be fun to see how Chicory and her roommates meet, and how they react.

The next post will be about Sunflower Bear going out into Wild Enclosure #2. Watch this space.