Sparks in Motion!

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It seems that every time we see Sparks Bear, the yearling is resting or sleeping on his platform. But today we have a new version of Sparks – he is interacting with items in his enclosure.

Challenge: can you find Sparks?
Here he is! He just emerged from the undergrowth.
At the Cubby Pool, Sparks reaches for the safety log.
He poses by a nice sapling.
Sparks notices the chain with the remnants of a blue swingy ball. He looks at it, possibly a bit puzzled. What is that thing?
Sparks looks up at the sapling – we can only guess what he’s thinking.
Sparks attacks the piece of swingy ball.
Sparks is down! He went head-over-heels when he attacked the remnants of the ball.
He tries again, grabbing the leftover ball with both paws.
Enough of that! Sparks turns and goes back into the undergrowth.

There you have it – our yearling does interact with the enrichment materials from time to time. We’re glad to see that.