Chicory in Enclosure #1

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As we posted, little Chicory Bear was released into Wild Enclosure #1 a few days ago. The cubs already in that enclosure were Ferdinand, Tweetsie, and Dumplin’. Today’s photos show Chicory as she explored the enclosure and tentatively approached where a couple of the resident cubs were playing. She didn’t go too close, though. She seems to be a shy little bear.

Chicory Bear looks up the tree. Shall I climb or not?
She decides to forage instead. We can’t help but wonder if this is a scary place for her.
Chicory cautiously approaches where the other cubs are playing.
Chicory forages, and gets closer to the other cubs.
Ferdinand and Dumplin’ Bear are digging near the partition.
The two cubs pause for a wrestling match.
Soon, all four cubs went up trees. Three of the cubs went up one tree, while Chicory climbed her own tree. Time to rest and/or snooze.

It may take a few days for Chicory to become a part of the “pack,” but she will integrate into the group soon, we are sure. Let’s see how long it takes. Cubs are very social, so we don’t think it will take too long.