Sparks Bear

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You may recall ABR Bear #304, nicknamed Sparks Bear, the yearling who arrived on May 12th from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have focused on the little cubs of late, but it’s time to revisit our yearling in his Wild Enclosure.

Sparks enjoys his platform. He sleeps there at night and takes naps during the day. It’s also a good vantage point for surveying his enclosure.
The platform isn’t the only place to nap. Here is Sparks, napping in the tall grass.
Sparks likes to explore his enclosure. This photo shows how difficult it is to see a cub or yearling in tall grass. The same is true in the park – you may not even see a little bear.
Something was bothering the yearling. Finally the camera footage showed what it was – a pesky crow!
Sparks gave chase, and the crow took off. We doubt that he’s gone for good, though. Crows hang around and often harass the little bears.

Sparks is off to a good start with his recovery at ABR. We suspect that in a couple of months he will be ready to return to his home in the park.