Always Into Something

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The title describes the bear cubs at ABR. They are very good at getting into “something.” The newest arrivals, Raven and Chickadee Bear, are in the Red Roof Recovery Center while taking their meds. They are having a fine time, especially with the amenities that the curators added to their room.

The sisters like climbing on their Climby Structure. It’s a good way for them to build up their muscles, too.
To tell them apart, the cubs are distinguished by ear tags – Raven has one in her right ear, Chickadee has one in her left ear.

Over in The Hartley House, there is a veritable cub kindergarten, with three unruly little cubbies being supervised by Ms. M. Cow.

Tweetsie, Dumplin’ and Ferdinand Bear play under the (not-so) watchful eye of Ms. M. Cow.
Following a time-honored cub tradition, Tweetsie turns her bowl of formula over, spilling it on the floor.

It’s quite amazing, how cubs like Tweetsie do what previous cubs have done, even without being taught. We guess that some of their antics are simply innate in bear cubs.