Happy Birthday, Bears!

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Each month we celebrate the “Cubby Birthday” on the 22nd of the month. January 22 is the date chosen by ABR as the official birthdate of all bears (cubs and yearlings) who come to ABR. On May 22nd, our five cubs turned 4 months old and our yearling turned 16 months old! These are milestones, indeed; sadly, many little bears do not live this long.

We usually post photos of the “birthday bears” but this time, we only have Ferdinand representing the cubs. The other four did not cooperate. Sparks, our yearling, did show himself, so we have his birthday portrait also.

Ferdinand Bear is 4 months old!
He is growing. Ferdinand is still a little cub, but he’s a BIG little cub!
We are glad that Ferdinand posed for his birthday portrait.
Sparks Bear showed himself for his birthday portrait. He is 16 months old!

Hopefully, the rest of the cubs will cooperate at another time, so we’ll be able to share their birthday portraits. Everyone is doing well.