Snooze, Nap, Rest, Repeat

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The four yearlings at ABR are showing classic signs of pre-hibernation behavior. They take longer and longer naps, between their foraging sessions.

The Christmas Yearlings are excavating the rock den near the Forbidden Tree. This is a project that has been worked on by other cubs before them.

CranBeary snoozed in the den for a while, and then spent the day sleeping by the Forbidden Tree.

Twelve hours later, he was still there, after his long nap!

Four hours after that, he woke up and went off to find his siblings, where he slept for the rest of the night.

Nettles was foraging before sunset.

She is using her resting platform now. She seems to feel safe.

The triplets forage together, separate, and then come back together. Often they sleep on a ground nest together. After their month in the Hartley House they seem to enjoy being together or apart, as they choose.

Peppermint takes a drink from the drinking tub.

It’s hard to see them, but all three are there in the ground nest.

Watching the bears and their sleepiness makes us feel like taking a nap, also! It’s good that our yearlings are getting ready for hibernation. They certainly know what they have to do!