Happy Yearling Birthday!

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Today (January 22) is the day that ABR has designated as the official birth date of all bears who come to us for care. This means that today our four remaining little bears are now yearlings!

This is truly a milestone for our bears, as well as for the bears that were released just a week ago. Heather Bear, of course, is now a two-year-old!

Nettles is one year old! She explores more, but seems to prefer nighttime exploration.

The Christmas yearlings slept by the Forbidden Tree until they moved into the brush near it.

Peppermint Bear studies another Forbidden Tree while Mistletoe watches and CranBeary does his own thing.

Peppermint scratches her back while CranBeary examines the excavation site and Mistletoe wanders off.

CranBeary and Peppermint  wander off. We think Mistletoe is heading back to that Forbidden Tree. It never fails to entice any little bears who stay in this enclosure!