In the Hartley House, the three cubs were reintroduced, and this time it went well!

They set about the task of demolishing everything!

These cubs are OK with their walking and are practicing climbing. Dismounts are a bit shaky.

They seem to be everywhere at once. Their lick mat is popular.

The three slept together at night.

Next morning it’s back to destruction and demolition.

Little Peeps is doing well.

She doesn’t like the Cubby Porridge (bear milk replacement with baby rice cereal for thickening) but does enjoy her goat’s milk’ + bear formula mixture.

She is working on balance and coordination.

Windows in the Cub Nursery are uncovered so she can experience night and day.

Acclimation Pen #4 is open, to let the two yearlings go in and out for food. Crows have taken advantage.

Crows are on the way out.

Twinkle and Tinsel enter to eat.

Twinkle is still fascinated by the Forbidden Tree.

She won’t give up!

This far and no further.

She’s done for today, but here comes Tinsel.

Twinkle reverses course, going after Tinsel.

Fisticuffs! Twinkle lets her have it!

What a day! Lots going on at ABR!