The solar eclipse was a non-event in Townsend, so if we hoped to see what effect it would have on the cubs, we were out of luck. It was a cloudy and overcast day. However –

Peeps is now eating her Cubby Porridge from a bowl attached to her pen.

She took a nap near the bowl.

Our newest arrivals, Casper and Shadow, are eating the Cubby Porridge, too. At least Shadow is eating it, so Casper will be, very soon.

Cubs tire easily, and plop down to sleep where they fall.

The yearlings are getting used to entering the Acclimation Pen to eat.

Next, they will need to get used to entering the Cub House, so food is placed inside there, as well.

When the bears are gone, the local critters come in to eat.

Twinkle and Tinsel are back on Summitt’s branch. Perhaps they hoped to see the eclipse, but they were out of luck in Townsend today.