A New Month at ABR

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To start off the month of June, we will check in on both of the ABR bears. First is Tartan Yearling, out in Wild Enclosure #2.



After sleeping on his favorite branch, Tartan climbed down the tree.



On his way to forage, he took time to murdalize a tall plant. Fortunately, it wasn’t a sapling.



Tartan took a drink from the Drinking Tub.



The side of the tub is chewy, so of course Tartan chewed on it.



Then he got into the tub. Like former residents, Tartan likes to soak in the small tub. The tartan plaid arrow points to the white tips on some of his winter fur that is molting.


He multi-tasks, chewing on a leaf and wrecking the plant while soaking .




Tartan soaked for a few minutes before dashing away.



Wet Tartan Bear ran away on the platform.


He sat in the Firehose Hammock while planning what to do next.


This seemed like a good plan – Tartan went off to forage in the underbrush.

Meanwhile, back in the Hartley House, we see Taco Cub:



Taco is eating. The curators are monitoring his food, to check his scat and make sure it is healthy. They are now feeding him rice cereal and watching how it affects him and his scat.

We end with an action shot of Taco pummeling his swingy ball. He really loves it, but it’s hard to follow the action.



Taco is an active and energetic cub!


All that activity tires Taco, so he takes a nap between his two Not Bears.

June is often the month when berries are ripening. When that happens, we expect that our yearling will return to his home in the park. Keep watching.