Rescued Bear #363!

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On Sunday November 23 ABR received another 2022 cub. The little female is from Cocke County. She had been seen without a mother for long enough to be reported by several people in the neighborhood, but no one knows the circumstances of her becoming an orphan. It was obvious that she had not been getting enough to eat, and when she was weighed at the UTCVM she tipped the scales at just 18.7 pounds, probably about half the weight of the hefty cubs in Wild Enclosure #1!

The vets at UT found her to be reasonably healthy except for a small cyst, and they sent her back to ABR where she will be housed in the Hartley House, just like Myrtle before her, until she’s ready for a Wild Enclosure. Her nickname is Nettles, and here she is:

A forlorn little nine-month-old bear cub, this is Nettles.

She had gobbled the grapes that were in the trap to entice her, so it will very likely be easy to encourage her to eat and start to gain weight!

Here are some pictures of Nettles before her capture. You can see how tiny and thin she is. The text refers to a contest in which ABR is a finalist. It is sponsored by Land Rover, and if we win we will get a brand new Land Rover that will make travel over rough terrain much easier. In addition, there is a monetary award of $25,000! Just think how that could brighten the lives of the cubs (as well as the hard-working curators).

Click on this link to vote:…/vote/animal-welfare.html…

Thank you, from all of ABR – curators, volunteers, and especially CUBS!