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The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1are probably the largest of all.

Here comes chonky Nessie Bear. She is muddy from a wrestling match.

Her wrestling opponent was her brother, Highland. They are evenly matched.

Now she needs a bath! Or a swim in the Cubby Pool.

It seems that Myrtle is making headway in Wild Enclosure #3. Here she is confronting Taco again.

She is really “Mighty Myrtle!” She doesn’t let the size difference intimidate her. The other cubs ignore the confrontation.

Wrestling continues until . . . who knows?

Myrtle is perfectly willing to attack a larger cub,  with no fear!

Myrtle, the champion!

The girls in Wild Enclosure #4 have suspended their fight club so they can forage and eat some more.

And then there is Heather, sleeping on her platform. She is looking great!