The trail cams in each enclosure capture photos at all hours. Here are a few for you to see and enjoy.

Still the largest cub, Thumper is now called Giant! He definitely forages to keep growing larger!

Doodlebug used to be very small, but no longer. She has come a long way!

We love this thoughtful look on Turnip’s face. He’s a deep thinker!

A meeting between Puddin’, Sprout, and Turnip. They are still trying to work out their cub rules for their enclosure.

Siblings Puddin’ and Caramel play at The Tire Bridge. Look at Caramel’s belly!

Puddin’ is squeezed between the tire and the tree. He must have a belly like his sister!

Puddin’ samples the treats in the Springy Dinghy.

Tired cubs need a nap.

Next time we’ll take a look at the cubs in Wild Enclosure #4. Stick around.