The cubs are showing a greater interest in eating. Perhaps hyperphagia is beginning for these little bears!These three are chomping eagerly!

Brothers chomp together!

Of course, along with the eating, they must get their zzzzz’s.

Turnip, Sprout, and Cricket sleep on their platform.

Six cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 sleep together on Summitt’s Branch (they still like to be close together!)

Turnip snoozes on the platform.

Brother and sister, Caramel and Puddin,’ are sleeping apart from each other and from the other cubs in their enclosure.

And we must remember these are little cubs, and as such they must get some quality play into their schedule!

Doodlebug discovered The Springy Tree!

This is a very strange tree!

Cubs do like bendy trees – this one is bendy!

It’s definitely a bendy tree! Really bendy!

Nugget gives a push – now it’s almost too bendy! Halp!

Did they invent a catapult? Or a cubapult?

Doodle jumped down. Together, the cubs examined the Springy Tree.

Here’s what they found. Another wonderful Curator invention! Good thing it’s an Industrial Strength Spring!

Also a good thing the curators have creative ideas to entertain bear cubs!