Carolina Bear, the little neonate cub is doing well in the ICU at UTCVM. The doctors tell us that she continues to eat well and the small abscess that had formed at the site where she was receiving subcutaneous fluids (no longer needed) is healing and should soon disappear.

It looks to us like her fur is thickening and her tummy is growing! Good news!

Out in Wild Enclosures 3 and 4, the “odd” yearlings continue to behave in unusual ways.

A couple nights ago, the two girls slept together in this den all night.

This morning, Twinkle stepped on top while Tinsel was inside, and Tinsel scooted out the back door, as if she was afraid for her life!

It’s a strange relationship, but apparently it works for them.

Twinkle vs The Forbidden Tree – chapter ???

She made her usual climbing attempt, and was unsuccessful, as usual.

At least it keeps her attention and her mind off of captivity.

The strange thing is that Tinsel shows no interest, and actually doesn’t even visit this corner of the enclosure.

Twinkle visits the tree several times each day.

Tinsel forages happily by herself.

Although we are a bear rescue organization, there are many other critters, both feathered and furred, who share the space and enjoy the bounty of food we provide. This blue jay has had many meals on us!