Carolina Bear is staying comfy and warm in the ICU at UTCVM. Report continues to be good – she is eating well and sleeping a lot. The Wildlife officers are expanding the den search to nearby states, in hopes of finding a suitable surrogate mother with a family that Carolina could join.  Meanwhile, look how adorable she is!

That tummy is getting rounder by the day!

Now about the feisty yearlings –

First of all, after we said that Tinsel never visits The Forbidden Tree, guess what happened? She and Twinkle were both there together!

In the evening, Tinsel returned (Twinkle is there, too, but out of camera range).

Next morning, they foraged near each other.

It’s easy to tell them apart. Tinsel has a light tan snout, while Twinkle has a darker face.

So here is the start of the feisty business –

Tinsel dug a small hole and ate whatever was in it.

Curious Twinkle came over to see the hole and what was in it.

Tinsel was not welcoming to her!

Tinsel read Twinkle the riot act! It’s MY hole!

Twinkle stood up to assert herself.

Soon they were both snapping at each other.

Don’t be fooled, there is no agreement here!

The yearlings huff and blow at each other, but otherwise don’t make noise.

They take their argument behind the Vertical Den, and in a few minutes it is forgotten.

Twinkle returns to contemplate The Forbidden Tree.

Funny little bear – she left the area, then came back to try, once again, to climb.

And, once again, the tree defeated her.

Oh well, not today, Twinkle. Maybe tomorrow…….