For a change, we’ll start today’s update at the ABR facility, where the two “T” yearlings, Twinkle and Tinsel, are residing. No big changes in their lives, although they did sleep together in a den last night.

Apparently, they slept peacefully together, with no quarreling.

This was the only picture that showed both of them today. Most of the time they were hanging out in the shrubbery, and the cameras don’t follow them there.

Unsurprisingly, Twinkle visited The Forbidden Tree a few times.

As usual, she found that she still can’t climb it. But she deserves an award for persistence!

She is looking nice and plump! Good chubbification!

Now to the UTCVM where little Carolina Bear is still in the ICU. We think she will be transferred to ABR’s Cub Nursery soon, so Curator Haley went to feed her alongside the vets and assistants. We want to be sure we can take over her feeding when the time comes. Haley did see the difference between Carolina’s preferred nipple/bottle and another one.

It looks as though her eyes are almost ready to open!

Stay tuned to learn when Carolina moves to ABR!