Annie Bear.

Oscar and Annie Go Home!

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Our bear population is diminishing.  Ten days ago, our brother and sister, Oscar (#192) and Annie (#193) went home to enjoy their life in the wild, where they were meant to live.  Their release was documented in these photos.  We will think of them and hope for long, happy lives in the wild.  They were very healthy and of normal weights (Oscar – 73 pounds, Annie – 56 pounds) when released.

Annie Bear.

Annie Bear on release day.

Oscar playing.

Oscar Bear playing a few days before release.

Annie Bear is moved.

Annie Bear transferred to workup area.

Oscar is weighed.

Oscar being weighed.

Annie on truck

Annie in cage on truck.

Oscar in cage.

Oscar is in cage with Annie.

A bear nose.

Whose nose is this?

Truck driving away.

Goodbye and good luck, Annie and Oscar!