Yesterday we reported that Oscar and Anne Bear had been released, and posted photos of their workup and of the truck driving them away from ABR.  The wildlife officer who took them to their new home was kind enough (and quick enough) to get this veryshort video of the 2 cubs as they jumped from the truck and ran to the woods.  You will see that Oscar went straight to a tree, and stood up, ready to climb at a moment’s notice.  Anne took a different path, but then turned in the same direction Oscar had gone.  The chances are that they will stay together, and will very likely hibernate together this winter.  In the spring they will go their separate ways.

When they arrived in June, Oscar Bear weighed about 11 pounds, while Annie Bear weighed just 7 pounds.  At release, Oscar was a hefty 73 pounds, and his sister was 56.6 pounds – both of them healthy and ready for their wild lives.  Good luck, Oscar and Annie!  Enjoy your new, wild life!