Noli looked right

Noli into the Wild Enclosure

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Our last post showed the procedures followed to make Noli ready to move out into the Wild Enclosure with the other 4 cubs.  We left her at the open door of the acclimation pen.  Although she has been pacing and showing eagerness to get out of the pen, when it came down to it she wasn’t in such a hurry, after all.

Noli looked right

She looked to her right.

She looked left

She looked to her left.

She sat down to think about what to do next.

Noli doesn't hurry

She was in no hurry.

Finally she decided to take a small step outside.

She took a step

She stepped out tentatively.

Noli steps out

She actually stepped out into the Wild Enclosure!

And so she joined the other cubs in the Wild Enclosure.  We will be interested to see how she reacts to them and they react to her, when they meet.