Checking Noli

Noli Bear Leaves the Cub House!

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Big news today.  Our little Cub #207, Noli Bear, left the Cub House to join the other 4 cubs in the Wild Enclosure!  We have mentioned that she was pacing and looking out of the acclimation pen as if she was longing to be outside.  Curator Coy and the wildlife officers decided that it was time, so the procedure was started.  First she was examined carefully.  A light anesthetic was used to calm her down.

Checking Noli

Checking Noli out.

She was given ear tags next.  Coy was glad that she was sedated, as she was an angry and feisty little bear cub!

Ear tags for Noli

Noli’s ears were measured and the tags put in.

In order to weigh her, she had to be put into a carrier.  Even sedated, that was challenging!

Into the carrier.

Noli goes into the carrier.

Curator Coy weighs Noli in the carrier.  When she arrived at ABR on July 9th, Noli weighed 14.5 pounds.  In just over 10 days she had gained weight so that she now weighs 21 pounds!  She has been eating well!

Noli is weighed.

curator Coy puts the carrier with Noli on the scale.

Curator Coy opened the door into the Wild Enclosure, and put some grapes out to tempt her.

The door is open.

The door is open.

It seemed certain that she would immediately run out to freedom, but Noli was more deliberate than that.  The next post will show how she took her time leaving the acclimation pen that she had been so anxious to get out of.