2 cubs in pen

Two More Cubs!

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ABR has received two more orphaned cubs – Cub #208 nicknamed Juliette, and Cub #209 nicknamed Summer.  They are sisters and are the same age as our other cubs – about 6 months old now.  Curator Coy put them in an acclimation pen for observation when they first arrived.

2 cubs in pen

Juliette and Summer in the acclimation pen.

It was obvious they wanted out, immediately!

cub at the top of pen

One cub has climbed to the top of the pen.

The door was opened into the Wild Enclosure.

Cub looks out

One cub looks out.

She stood up to get a better view and sniff of the new terrain.

Cub stands up.

One cub stands up to see and smell better.

She ventures out of the pen.

She goes out.

Out she goes!

Cub hurries away.

She hurries away from the pen.

Her sister follows her lead.  Soon they are both happy to be outside, and they head for the trees.

Both cubs are out

Both cubs are back in a habitat that seems like home to them.

These two cubs were in the wild longer than any of our other resident cubs, so they are wilder than the others were when they arrived.  The were released into their own enclosure, rather than into the same one that our other five cubs share.