Which cub

New Cub Photos

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The ABR cubs are doing well, as these recent photos show.  The “original 3” – Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway and Marvin – have become good buddies, and stay together for the most part.  Carter, on the other hand, remains aloof, usually in his tree.  Occasionally all four cubs are spotted in the same tree, but Carter is usually in a different tree from the others and he comes down at a different time to forage.

Can you guess which cub this is?

Which cub

Peek-a-boo! Guess who?

Bonnie Blue

The hiding cub is Bonnie Blue!

Bonnie Blue came down and joined Marvin to forage.

Marvin and Bonnie Blue

Marvin on the left, Bonnie Blue on the right.

Meanwhile, Carter remained in his tree, where he feels most comfortable and safe.


Carter in his tree.

Ridgeway didn’t show up for the photo shoot, but here is Noli in the acclimation pen.


Noli on the platform.

All of the cubs are healthy and thriving.